ASAHI Corsair Pro Microcatheter

Corsair Pro improvements: 

1) Significant increase in trackability and distal flexibility


2) Increased tip durability 


3) New kink resistant hub


3) Minimal Corsair fatigue


Removal of radiopaque coil marker to increase flexibility and trackability


Comparison under fluoroscopy 

Corsair Pro



Improved Trackability

Collateral / side-branch crossing comparsion


Improved Distal Flexibility

Reduction of stiffness due to removal of marker and controlled polyurethane leads to increased flexibility and tackability. (see point 3)


New Corsair Pro proximal hub protector (kink resistant)

Corsair / Corsair Pro hub comparison 

Kink resistant hub: Spiral Protector. 

Flexibility of the proximal hub to improve catheter durability. 


Smooth transition: tip to shaft connection

Polyurethane material is controlled in order to give a smooth transition and increase trackability

Corsair Pro




Corsair Pro - Stiffness Comparison

Corsair Pro - Flexibilty Comparison 


Features and Benefit Summary

  • Increased trackability compared to Corsair due to removal of distal platinum marker.
  • New kink resistant hub design increases torque transmission
  • Polyurethane is ‘controlled’ in order to create a smooth transmission to increase trackability.
  • Tapered soft tungsten Polyurethane tip, tapering to 0.42mm, with an increase in visibility under fluoroscope
  • 135cm length for Antegrade approach
  • 150cm length for Retrograde approach

Please consult IFU for further information.


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