PTCA guide catheters and extensions

QXMédical Boosting Catheter Guide Extension

Next generation guide extension support catheter, the only guide extension indicated for procedural fluid injection.
  • Hydrophilic coated, coil re-inforced distal tube for superior deliverability
  • Atraumatic tip to minimise vessel trauma and reduce device holdup during device retrieval
  • Flared proximal entry providing optimal entry zone for stents, balloons and other devices
  • Enhanced seal with guiding catheters for optimal fluid transmission
  • Patented composite dual-wire proximal shaft with excellent pushability and kink resistance

Product Codes

Product codes:

BC52-150 Boosting Catheter 5.5Fr 150cm length
BC57-150 Boosting Catheter 6Fr 150cm length
BC63-150 Boosting Catheter 7Fr 150cm length
BC72-150 Boosting Catheter 8Fr 150cm length
Product Codes