PTCA microcatheters

ASAHI Corsair Pro

Braided microcatheter for the facilitated penetration of heavily calcified lesions.


Guide to using the Corsair Pro microcatheter


  • Balanced joint design
  • Spiral protector
  • SHINKA-Shaft
  • Tapered soft tungsten polyurethane tip, tapering to 0.42 mm, with an increase in visibility under fluoroscope
  • 135 cm length for antegrade approach
  • 150 cm length for retrograde approach
  • Increased trackability compared to Corsair due to removal of distal platinum marker.
  • New kink resistant hub design increases torque transmission

Product codes:

Code Product
CSR135-26P Corsair Pro Microcatheter 135cm
CSR150-26P Corsair Pro Microcatheter 150cm
Product Codes

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