PTCA microcatheters

ASAHI Tornus

Microcatheter for the facilitated penetration of heavily calcified lesions during antegrade chronic total occlusion procedures.


  • Stainless steel coil shaft
  • Distal radiopaque marker
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • Tornus tip OD 1.8 Fr, Tip ID 1.2 Fr
  • Shaft OD 2.1 Fr, Shaft ID 1.3 Fr
  • Tornus 88Flex tip OD 2.1 Fr, tapered tip 1.2 Fr
  • Shaft OD 3.0 Fr, Shaft ID 1.9 Fr

Product codes:

Code Product
AT24135 Tornus Microcatheter 2.1Fr
AT35135 Tornus Microcatheter 88 Flex 2.6Fr
Product Codes

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