Upcoming Courses 2020

Introduction to CTOs - AHPs

John Radcliffe, Oxford: TBC

Course Overview

This is a half-day, team-focused course designed to provide a simple yet highly engaging and educational summary of chronic total occlusions (CTO’s)

CTO’s are one of the most challenging cases we encounter in PCI therefore the aim of this course is to upskill the team to have confidence to treat more effectively and work through as a team.

The course covers anatomy of a CTO, impact on patients and progressive new ways to treat.

This course is run in partnership with clinical leads.

Topics covered:

  • CAD Progression
  • Evidence & indications
  • History of CTO
  • Why & how to treat
  • Teamwork in CTOs
  • CTO Pathology
  • JCTO scoring
  • Use of Imagery