Upcoming Courses 2020

Introduction to Microcatheters
And Dual Lumen Microcatheters

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital: TBC

Course Overview

This half-day course is designed to explore the use of microcatheters in PCI, and is aimed at all members of Cath Lab teams.

With the prolific increase in microcatheters and dual lumen microcatheters available over the last few years, this course sets out to provide a simple yet highly engaging overview of microcatheters & dual lumen microcatheter.

This course is run in partnership with clinical leads.

Topics covered:

  • History and evolution of the microcatheter
  • Construction of micro catheters
  • Why use a microcatheter
  • Utility of microcatheters in CTOs and PCIs
  • Safe removal practices of microcatheters
  • Utility of dual lumen catheters
  • Techniques specifically applied to (dual lumen) microcatheters