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Foundations Series - In-person

In-person delivery

What is Foundations?

Cath-labs in the UK (and across the world) are experiencing skill shortages and high attrition rates with AHP staff.

There is an ongoing need for a more structured education pathway to supplement ‘on the job’ training and speed up learning and engagement.

VP Education collaborated with UK Cath lab healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive learning pathway, using a tested template to identify where education was needed to support labs.

Resulting in this highly engaging and motivating new educational series, Foundations.

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How the content was developed and is shared

1. The content has been co-created with clinical professionals in hospitals, supported by VPs education and creative team.

2. The Foundations series is interactive inviting group and teamwork during in-person delivery.

3. It can be delivered peer to peer supported by VP Ed and local territory manager.

4. Presentation training can be provided locally to the education delivery team.

Modules available now:

  • The heart
  • Coronary artery anatomy
  • Coronary artery disease
  • History of PCI
  • PCI toolbox
  • Introduction to angiographic views
  • Team work
  • Crisis management
  • Primaries and emergencies
  • Post procedural care

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