Introducing a new guide extension to the UK market

30 September 2020
VP welcome QXMédical to the product portfolio

Vascular Perspectives would like to announce the release of the QXMédical Boosting Catheter, the next generation of guide extension support catheters.

The Boosting Catheter is an over-the-wire guide catheter designed for use in conjunction with guiding catheters and sheaths during interventional procedures to guide and support devices, as well as allowing for device exchange. Furthermore, the Boosting Catheter is the only guide extension indicated for procedural fluid injection.

The Boosting Catheter features a specially designed atraumatic tip, minimising vessel trauma and reducing device holdup during device retrieval. The flared proximal entry and large inner lumen provide optimal entry for stents, balloons, and other devices; and the enhanced seal along the device provides optimal conditions for fluid transmission.

The next generation of guide extension catheters, Boosting Catheter from QXMédical is an ideal addition to your PCI toolbox.

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