PV crossing catheters & re-entry device

Upstream Peripheral GoBack Catheter

Unique peripheral solution for both intraluminal crossing and re-entry.


An introduction to the GoBack Crossing and Re-entry device


  • Can be used for both intraluminal crossing, re-entry, and guide wire support.
  • Unique solution for complex BTK, SFA, and iliac occlusions, including in-stent restenoses.
  • Innovative needle design with axial or lateral protrusion selector.
  • Highly visible C-shaped RO marker, providing both radial and axial needle position information.
  • Able to advance laterally inside hard plaque with needle fully or partially deployed.
  • Highly stable support with a very low profile.
  • 2.9 Fr and 4 Fr devices available ( 0.014"/0.018" guide wire compatible respectively. 5 Fr / 6 Fr sheath compatible for crossover respectively).
  • 80 cm and 120 cm working lengths available in each device.
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Product codes:

Code Product
Upstream GoBack Crossing Catheter, 2.9Fr, 120cm GB 603 014P 120L
Upstream GoBack Crossing Catheter, 2.9Fr, 80cm GB 603 014P 80L
Upstream GoBack Crossing Catheter, 4.0Fr, 120cm GB 600 018P 120L
Upstream GoBack Crossing Catheter, 4.0Fr, 80cm GB 600 018P 80L
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