PV guide wires

ASAHI Halberd 0.014

PVI guide wire for use in complex lesions.


  • 0.014” hydrophilic guide wire
  • Uncoated ball tip
  • 12gf tip load
  • Micro-cone, armoured tip
  • Mini pre-shape
  • 5cm spring coil length
  • 5cm radiopaque segment
  • 1:1 torque
  • Round core wire and balanced support shaft
  • Available in 200cm, 235cm and 300 cm lengths

Product codes:

Code Product
PHW14R101P Halberd 0.014 200cm Pre-shaped
PHW14R101S Halberd 0.014 200cm
PHW14R301P Halberd 0.014 300cm Pre-shaped
PHW14R301S Halberd 0.014 300cm
Product Codes

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