PV guide wires

ASAHI Meister 16

Guide wire with enhanced torque performance, shape-ability and durability.


  • 0.016” guide wire
  • Polymer jacket
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Available in 3 different tip shapes and 2 different sizes for each
  • High tension stainless steel core

Product codes:

Code Product
WAMS-165-1645 Meister 16 165cm 45 Degree
WAMS-165-16WA Meister 16 165cm Double Angle
WAMS-165-16ST Meister 16 165cm Round Curve
WAMS-180-1645 Meister 16 180cm 45 Degrees
WAMS-180-16WA Meister 16 180cm Double Angle
WAMS-180-16ST Meister 16 180cm Round Curve
Product Codes

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